If you are looking for a custom handmade American style Long rifle you are in the right place. I am rapidly moving towards specializing in half-stocked rifles, particularly the Vincent style Ohio rifles. I have done several in the different styles of the Pennsylvania counties and will continue to do so.

I take commissions on a first come, first served basis, however parts availability can slow the process down, sometimes for several months!  It“s best to start planning and sourcing barrels and locks well in advance of the expected delivery date.


Almost all long rifle parts (barrels, locks, hardware) has to come from the USA and generally as rough castings with only the basic machining done. All the metal needs to be filed, polished, and frequently corrected.  Most stock material is sourced by myself here in Southern Ontario rarely will I use a pre-carved stock for anything as they are generally of not great quality.


If you are interested in commissioning a long rifle build, custom stock, or restoration, please start on my Commissions Page