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See below for currently available guns.  If you are interested in purchasing a gun please contact me directly VIA the contact page.

I accept Cash, Bank transfers, EMTs (Email Money Transfer) and Credit Cards (+3% on credit card purchases)

I do not accept cheques of any description, including money drafts and cashiers cheques.

Shipping, taxes (where applicable), insurance and special packaging needs are all extra.



#8 .54cal Hawken Rifle $1800.00CAD

Hawken #8 features a Walnut stock with aged steel furnishings

#8 was built in 2021-2022 by S. Kimball (Kimball Arms)

This is a non-restricted caplock, so a PAL is required.

Payment VIA; Cash, EMT or Credit Card (+3% for credit cards)



- Green Mountain .54 calibre hook breech barrel w/captive keys

- Aged steel parts

- Moose antler nose cap

- L&R Lock

- Double set, double throw L&R triggers

- Elevation & windage adjustable rear buckhorn sight

- Custom patch box

- .54 cleaning jag incl.

- Striped hickory ram rod

- Walnut stock with true oil & polish wax finish

There are a couple of small inlet issues reflected in the price, prefers 3f over 2f.