#3 John & Caleb Vincent Ohio

This is (one of) my personal gun. I saw a John and Caleb Vincent rifle on the Track of the Wolf website and knew instantly that was the gun I wanted! .45 calibre straight octagon barrel, cap lock, German Silver furniture and AA Grade Canadian hard Maple stock.

The Vincent rifles were generally a lot simpler, but I did A LOT of wire inlay on this one because that“s what I wanted.  These rifles were also very sleek, with a buttplate design that was meant to be shot off the bicep, not difficult to get used to, though I did carve down the tips on the butt plate significantly.

I have a second Vincent rifle - a good deal plainer in .36 Calibre up for sale soon.


American Longrifle, Ohio, Black Powder, Curly Maple


23 July 2019

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