Commission a project

Before you ask, there is a lot I need to know about your project before I can give you an estimate or quote, in all cases taxes, shipping, parts, and materials are extra.  The more information you can give me about the fit finish and final use the more accurate I can be with a quote.

In most cases I need the gun for fitting and I generally ask for a deposit.  When building a Long Rifle I ask you to pay for the parts required and ship them here, when they arrive I will then require half the amount I quoted as deposit..

Payment methods are VIA; cash, EMT, Bank Transfer or EFT and Credit Card. Sorry no PayPal or personal cheques.




Custom Longrifles

Custom longrifles start at $2,000.00 plus parts and go up from there depending on features and embellishments.

In order to quote you for a custom Longrifle, I need a LOT of information, asking me what a Lancaster or PoBoy will cost is not enough. The very least I need to know is:


  • School of design (Lancaster County, Ohio Southern Mountain etc)
  • Full or half stock
  • Barrel type (swamped, straight, tapered, half-round etc) and calibre
  • Lock type, flint, percussion, wheel, match or other…
  • Furniture, iron, brass, German Silver etc.
  • Type of trigger: single, single set, double set
  • If you want a patchbox or capbox, sliding wooden or hinged metal plate
  • Stock material and finish
  • Metal finish, browned, blued, in the white or aged
  • Embellishments, carving, inlay etc*


It also helps me to know what you intend to do with the gun, hunting, plinking, target etc. So if you are looking for a quote on a custom longrifle, please have all that information handy when you call or email.

I do not do any engraving at this time but can have hand engraving done. (Same guy who engraves my locks and barrels)

* If you ask for carving and/or wire inlay I will generally do what I think fits the gun aesthetically and is appropriate to the school of design.



Everything Else

I used to do a lot of custom stocks and fittings, but really have no time for that sort of thing any more.  Though I do occasionally squeeze in an “interesting” job.

Any other jobs are based on time $65.00/hour if it“s a quick "while you wait" job,  then bring cash or beer. (I like Moosehead and won“t get out of bed for any less than 12 of them)